I am sure that everyone has heard an old timer say “Do not plant your garden until after Easter”.  The main reason is that over trial and error throughout the years there has always been a good freeze just before Easter. Well sure enough last weekend brought cold weather and this weekend was superb! I spent my entire holiday weekend on the beach enjoying the company of family, friends, and the sun. Summer has finally begun! The kayak was loaded and the only time I brought it out was to paddle some big lines out in hope for a shark or bull red. That was unsuccessful but at least we tried. My brother and a friend fished Saturday morning and caught a few flounders but no trout or reds. The Lone Star Kayak Series first tournament was this past Saturday and I decided not to fish it due to being at the beach. I was looking forward to it but boy did I have an awesome time on the beach! We were throwing washers, pitching horseshoes, and doing whatever else we could do to have a good time. Needless to say it was a tremendous time.




I know a few guys that fished the LSKS tournament this past week and did very well. Chad had placed 5th and Nate placed 7th, congrats guys. This Saturday is the 2nd Triangle Tailchasers tournament and Lamar is going to host a tournament in our area. Luckily with the launch time I will be able to fish both of them. I plan on pre-fishing Friday and hopefully will find a few fish since I have struck out in the past few times in the marsh. Until then, well you know….

Enjoy Life