The past few weeks have been awesome and my weekends were filled with water and good times. Last weekend I spent a full Saturday on the water. I fished that morning, left the marsh and then headed to canoe Village Creek with some friends. I went and tried a new spot that has been getting my attention on google maps and has been looking promising. Get to the launch around 6 and after fighting off the mosquitoes we are off. After a short paddle I see a huge tail sticking out the water. After closer examination, I realized that it was a huge black drum. Kind of a let down because a bull red hook up would of been fun! Not long after that I hear Chad holler and he just hung into a smaller red. We mosey around this flat and the wind starts to whipping so it becomes difficult to paddle and fish. I seek what little refuge I can find behind a few grass patches and my second cast, my cork disappears. A little rat red but hey, a fish is a fish, and I will take it. Chad and I stare across this windy flat at a island and we ponder if we wanted to make the paddle or not. It was still pretty early so we decided to make our way there. As soon as we got there I had seen a redfish blowup some bait and a quick cast resulted in a nice 22” red.



We make our way a little further back and I look over at Chad’s cork and watch it pull under. He sets the hook and then I can hear the drag pulling from his rod so I know it is a good one. He gets it up and she weighs just under 7 lbs. Finally a quality fish that we have been searching for.



That was the only good fish that we caught for the morning and the spot is definitely worth going back to as soon as it warms up. It does have some potential to be a really good tournament spot.

Went out this past Friday morning because the weather man said at daylight the wind was going to be NW at 3 mph. Well that is what I get for listening to a meteorologist in SETX.



I get to my launch point and wind is already 10 mph out of the South. Start making my way back and it is still pretty dark but I see something moving along the bank. At first I thought it was a turtle or something but then I realized it was the back of a redfish. I make a few cast at him and can not get him to bite. Not long after, I see another redfish blowup some bait along the shoreline. A few cast at it and the same results, no takers. I push further back into some marsh flats and there is plenty of baitfish but very few signs of reds. I looked across this flat and from 75 yards away I can see the back of a red sticking out. Without a doubt a good tournament fish. I get a few pics from a distance and I move a little closer to get a better picture and then to catch him. By the time I am in position she sneaks back off into the depths of the marsh.


No fish but it seems like they are so concentrated on gorging themselves on baby shad that they want nothing to do with lures. I have talked to a few other people and they have had the same problem as well. Within a few weeks though there is going to be some seriously fat redfish in the marsh and I can not wait for my next tournament.

I am headed to Austin for Memorial Day weekend for a bachelor party, so no fishing this next weekend. I am actually pretty excited about headed there because it has been a while since I have been. I am headed tomorrow after work and I am in search of some trout. It has been killing me that I have not found any trout since March, so tomorrow is another day.

Enjoy Life