Kayak fishing has become a very unique sport and has spread worldwide. It has drawn a very diverse crowd in which people fish in their own special way. A majority of people are always seeking the best tool for their application of fishing. I personally am a huge fan of sight casting; so I am all for any device to make that an easier task. Bending Branches has created a product to assist anglers and others while being on the water.


The Angler Optimus is a 3-in-1 multi-tool: a push/stakeout pole; a canoe paddle; or a stand-up paddle. The Optimus has many different options and appeals to a multitude of paddlers but the push pole is what captured my attention. I spend a large portion of my time standing on my Jackson Cuda 14′ searching the flats for fish. Ever since I received the Angler Optimus my experience poling around flats has been remarkable. The ease of use has been exceptional and has actually made stalking redfish more productive for me.


Before I would use my paddle to propel myself forwards across a flat, the swirl of the water is often loud and just enough to spook a fish. Also, when bending over to set my paddle down, the pressure wake from my movement will tend to do the same. With the Optimus I can slip it right into the water and guide my way through the marsh. Once I locate a fish, I can drive the pole in the marsh bottom on the front side of my kayak; this will keep myself from propelling forward. I have missed several fish by having forward momentum and not being able to stop in time to make a cast. Once I stop, I can stake the Optimus out in the marsh, make a cast and catch my fish. Whenever and wherever I may be once I get my fish in, I can paddle back over to my push pole, pick it up and start all over again!



Not only is it great for poling around the flats but it can be broke down with my Angler Ace and made into a single paddle for a Stand Up Paddleboard. Instead of me having to purchase a complete different paddle for my S.U.P., the Optimus is compatible with my Ace. Once I get back on my Cuda, I can break it back down and assemble my kayak paddle along with my Optimus push pole!

Bending Branches is a renowned company and has made a practical product for anglers and paddlers. They strive to make an American made product that is durable and will hold up to any challenge. The Angler Optimus is the epitome of what Bending Branches stands for: quality; effectiveness; and efficiency. These qualities are what kayak fishing is about and this is why the Optimus will be with me on every trip that I make.

Enjoy Life